Take control of your lifestyle

A 3-month programme to help you lose weight and

change your lifestyle behaviours

1. When you sign up

Your Healthbox containing your smart scales, Second Nature handbook, recipe book and optional activity tracker will arrive in the post a few days before your start date.

 Select your start date that suits you. Groups start every Monday

 Get access to the app and your personal tracking dashboard

 Meet your dedicated health coach and support group through the app

2. The programme

Over the next 6 months, work together with your health coach to set and achieve realistic goals.

You’ll get daily articles to guide you towards your goal. Your mentor will be on hand to answer questions and keep you accountable until your new habits become routine.

Learn to build balanced meals that keep you full for longer

Increase your activity levels by tracking your steps with others

Tackle negative thought patterns and eat more mindfully

Learn to navigate setbacks, social situations and eating out

3. Graduate to Sustain

After 3 months, you have the option to transition to Sustain. You can stay on Sustain until you feel confident you no longer need the support.

Continue getting support from your health coach on the app

Read weekly articles in the app to keep you motivated

Keep tracking your progress on the dashboard

Our health coaches

Work with an expert who will keep you accountable every single day


Our health coaches are all qualified nutritionists or registered dietitians.

They will monitor your progress, answer your questions and keep you on track day by day.

Access the chat on the app to talk to your coach. You can reach out to your group anytime and anywhere to get the support you need, when you actually need it.

Whether it’s navigating social situations or emotional triggers, your health coach is there to help you tackle the things you struggle with the most.


A way of eating that works for you

Don’t count points or calories

We’re not into fad diets or restriction here. Learn the principles of healthy eating without having to measure, count, or track.

Tailor the advice to your needs

Our guidelines are easy to adapt, so you can fit them around your lifestyle, not the other way around.

Aim for long-term success

Losing weight fast isn’t hard. Actually keeping it off is. That’s why our nutritional advice is designed to be sustainable in the long-term.


Using the latest behavioural science to save your health

Receive a healthbox in the post

You can keep track of your progress by monitoring your weight and keeping track of your steps in the app.

Access the programme anywhere

It’s all online, so you don’t have to go anywhere. Fit it in around your life, and get support as and when you need.

Designed to help you succeed

We draw on the latest scientific research in nutrition and behavioural psychology to make change as easy as possible for you.