What patients say about the BEAT Diabetes programme……

“Quite simply this programme has changed my life. I will always be grateful.”

“I immediately felt I could trust the programme. The information provided is always backed up with quality evidence from credible sources. This is important for me and it allowed me to concentrate on the content and not whether I believed it or not”

“I was able to adapt what I was learning around my life almost immediately. Some things, such as understanding food labelling, have been so practically useful I do it instinctively now.”

“I’ve dropped 12lbs, which came as quite a surprise given I’ve been within my BMI range for many years. It gave me pause for thought. Discussing this with my health coach was so helpful. In reality I’ve found my natural weight, and it was lower than my perception of my natural weight.”

“My health coach has been pivotal to the programme. You know, most people with diabetes are used to only having a 20 minute annual review. Access to a knowledgeable nutritionist and health coach everyday frankly, feels like a luxury. I have found the one-to-one dietary reviews really helpful.”

“I have absolutely changed my behaviour as a result of what I have learned. Even with subjects I have been sceptical about. But you have to go with it. Frankly, at the start of this programme, my opinion of mindfulness was some sort of fuzzy psycho-babble nonsense. Now, I find myself applying it all over the place; why am I accepting the offer of a biscuit with a cup of tea? Am I hungry? These questions come into my head naturally now where they didn’t before. That’s mindfulness to me and it sums up my experience of the programme; take what you need from it, but open up your mind to all of it.”